Erik A. Nordgren

media composer

Erik Nordgren is a multi-instrumentalist and composer from the Midwest, currently studying film scoring at Berklee College of Music

Sharing a name with the composer of some of Ingmar Bergman's finest films hasn't stopped me from creating my own brand from my lived experiences. Growing up in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin, I was exposed to music of the area at a young age. Chicago’s blues scene really influenced my father, who had played in multiple cover/jam bands, and I was put on track to learn piano since before I was 10 years old. Once in early grade school, I joined the concert bands, playing clarinet and bass clarinet (until graduation from high school in 2014) and kept piano on the side for the time being. Middle school led to an increased interest in jazz when I joined the school's jazz group. From then on, I played in every jazz group each school offered (sometimes up to four at a time) throughout middle and high school. During my high school career I also taught myself guitar and bass to start playing in local bands that needed the spaces filled. 

Coming out as an openly gay man in early high school had a profound effect on my life and musical career, helping me develop more freely and focus on the aspects of music and performing relevant to my own story and interests. This led to a lot of projects involving speaking out about the LGBT+ community and the struggles and stigmas they still face today, and how that was interwoven into my music. The coming out process, and the hardships that I and countless others in this minority group endured and continue to endure, have been an inspiration for me since before I had even come out publicly. I began attending Berklee College of Music in Fall 2014, studying piano before declaring a Film Scoring major. Since beginning instruction at Berklee, I have become involved in numerous ventures with friends and classmates, creating music of all types of genres to explore as much of the musical realm as possible. In my third semester I declared the Film Scoring major, and have since worked on multiple advertisements and short films by students and professionals alike.