Erik A. Nordgren

new york / boston

composer / director / editor / orchestrator / educator / multi-instrumentalist


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the core pixar story (advertisement, 2016)

Gourd & Evil (short, 2016)

ulterran (short, 2016)

meritas health (advertisement, april 2017)

orchid boys (short, 2017) 

  • film & trailers, produced by filmmaker Julie Dash, trailer

Buster Business (short, 2018)


the nature of language (short, may 2017)

  • directed, shot, edited, & written by Erik Nordgren

Frank Cianfagna Performance Reel (May 2017)

Cindy Gallop - Why Sexual Harassment Is The Biggest Business Issue Facing Every Industry Today

  • edited by 3Percent Conference, promotional cut by Erik Nordgren

berklee core music tutoring

  • Promotional film, acted as director, DP, editor, and producer. Screened privately at Berklee CRLA Awards Ceremony, public Berklee release TBA.